Kelly Hughes

Kelly Hughes

Kelly Hughes is an enrolled agent and tax preparer in the San Francisco Bay Area with 25+ years of experience.

Kelly Hughes was raised in NYC and began her career there, first in an investment house and then at a bank branch office as a manager of loan administration and operations.  After coming to San Francisco in the early 90’s she was the accountant for several Bay Area firms. All those experiences would serve as a solid foundation for the true love of her career – TAXATION!

Kelly Hughes is an Enrolled Agent, the highest credential awarded by the IRS. She continues to serve the community through her tax work, help resolve stressful tax matters and empower her clients with knowledge so that they can make the most informed decisions for their future. 

Kelly Hughes worked with KQED public radio station for over 10 years, serving them in various roles to support fundraising processes.

Kelly Hughes is a dual European citizen and spent three years in the UK. She is a foodie, loves live comedy, and enjoys all that the Bay Area has to offer. Kelly would love to drive around the US and eat at all the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. (Go Guy Fieri!!) She looks forward to the promise of what every new day can hold. 

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