Thorough and Precise

"We've been relying on Kelly to prepare our returns for nearly 20 years. Ours are not simple 1040EZ returns, rather, she accurately navigates complex tax regulations, extensions, refiling, and overseas tax obligations with professional ease. She consistently and accurately identifies allowable deductions, most of which we were unaware of. But, not Kelly, she is thorough and precise. Overall, we've realized a 20x return on what we've paid Kelly to prepare our returns, have never been audited, and are no longer stressed at tax time."

- Tim Cloonan and Shannon McDonnell

A Fun and Lively Exchange

"We love having Kelly as an accountant! She is beyond amazing in her knowledge and attention to detail, and she turns a conversation about taxes into a fun and lively exchange. Tax preparation has gone from being a rat's nest of dread and lingering doubts about possible mistakes, to a pleasant and relaxed yearly ritual where we can look forward to seeing a friend."

- Nathan and Rose Hammond


Knowledgeable in Foreign Tax Credits

"Knowledgeable, thorough and responsive, all the qualities you want in a tax advisor! As a Senior Financial Executive working for a Fortune 500 company and based in Europe, my US tax return was very complicated. I had to file and pay taxes in two foreign jurisdictions in addition to the US, and had a complex equity compensation plan. Kelly was knowledgeable in foreign tax credits and the tax implications of my equity compensation. She made sure I took advantage of all available deductions and credits. She is a top notch tax professional!"

- Patrick Frawley, Chief Accounting Officer for Unitymedia GmbH

A Real Professional

"Kelly makes my taxes easy every year through a combination of her expertise, preparation support and wonderful personality. From the very first time I worked with her I really appreciated that not only was she quite skilled in her field, but she truly cares about her clients. Whenever I have a question she always goes the extra mile to help me out. I know with Kelly that I have a real professional on the case."

- Joshua Milligan

LLC/C-Corp Bookkeeping Back on Track

Non-Profit Status Restored

"Our association was very lucky when I found Kelly Hughes. Unknown to us, our previous treasurer had never filed our income taxes which caused us to lose our 501(c)(3) status. Kelly worked very hard to create our Federal and State tax forms and wrote various letters explaining our situation. We finally received word that our 501(c)(3) non-profit tax deductible status has been restored"

- Vickie Hackett

"When we met Kelly we had just changed business entities and our LLC/C-Corp bookkeeping was upside down! She helped us get through and get our accounting back on track and resolve all of our State and IRS agency issues. We now have a peace of mind and would recommend Kelly to our family and friends."

- Frank and Phyllis Rebarber, TPH Supply Corp